Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vintage Fashion Fair's Gems

The Vintage Fashion Fair near Camden Town boasts a room full of classic clothesA-line cotton dresses with lace collars, big furry coats, and crop tops with matching bottoms. There were worn-in shoes, vintage handbags, and other antique accessories and trinkets. But, it wasn't as I imaginedthe layout being similar to that of a very unglamorous thrift store and the chances of finding a keeper on the clothing racks, quite slim. But, the gems of the fair were actually hidden on the jewelry tables. The most beautiful and attention grabbing were pieces collected over decades by a former English teacher and her partner from Birmingham. Sally from Sally's Jewellery has been collecting jewelry since age 11, gaining a gorgeous selection of pieces including an 1890s Victorian broach and cherry amber beads. I took a few pictures of my favorite pieces, which is just a small amount of what her entire stock consists of.  

You can find Sally's pretty vintage jewelry at fairs around Birmingham and London, or visit her site here:

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  1. I'm also collecting jewelry since I was a little girl. For me it started when my aunt threw away all the jewelry she didn't use. I remember pulling them out of the garbage bag. Thanks to her I own today a very large collection of vintage rings.


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