Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Colorful Markets

Day 3: March 9
Bellies full from breakfast, we headed over to the pool in the morning and spent hours having fun. We laid out and lightly baked in the morning sun, dipped into the pool as the temperatures began to rise, and ate lunch on the lounge chairs. By 1pm, we had to get up and get ready to head into town on the shuttle bus. We found the souks easily and knowingly that day, and wandered deeper into the market space maze. We managed to find a quieter and less aggressive area to shop. It was such a great experience in comparison. Babe bought a scarf for his mom, and we saw some of the pretty dyes used to create the colourful pieces of fabric. After getting back out to the main square, we went on a lovely horse and carriage ride for an hour just in time for sunset. I loved passing through old city, where they had many tailors and seamstresses. We ended at the pickup point for the shuttle bus back to our hotel, where we bathed and got ready for the evening. That night, we decided to take it easy and have dinner at the hotel (which ended up being much better than the first night) and a couple of drinks at the hotel lounge. They were setting up for karaoke, which can usually be pretty entertaining, but most people decided to sing sappy French songs, so we decided to take some drinks back to the room and snuggle.   

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