Sunday, 4 March 2012

Boobies for Dessert

My boyfriend and I went to The Brickhouse a little more than a week ago for dinner with a burlesque show afterwards. It was pretty good. I really love burlesque and once upon a time considered becoming a dancer. The girls were from Seattle and the host was American, which was fun. The photos are from the opening act, which was the group doing a sort of Goddess or siren-like dance. That was my favorite. Some of the other memorable acts were: desperate housewife, belly dancer, cheerleader, Toddlers and Tiara contestant, and just some very sexy lingerie. They're not performing at the venue any longer, but The Brickhouse has ongoing shows. The one on next is from March 6th-31st, which will be a variety show (burlesque included). You can see what's on here: Cabaret Programme.

Then, lucky enough, I got free tickets to Proud Cabaret's After Work Affair premier! We went to the City location on Friday, which is absolutely beautiful. The red carpet leads to the entrance of grand mirrors and sparkling lights. The staff is also incredibly friendly. My bf and I each got a complimentary glass of champagne and relaxed in a very sophisticated seating area. There were waitresses in corsets and stockings circling the room, and two burlesque performances on stage. The first girl was an adorable flight attendant, and the second was a glamorous show girl. It's a very different venue than The Brickhouse. I preferred it, but I know they cater to two completely different audiences. If you want to go to the after work show, it's from 5-7:30 Wednesday-Friday during March. Find out more here:

The handle for the bathroom stall

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