Friday, 31 August 2012

Fashion & Film: ALDO

The onset of autumn begins with September, making us all bid a farewell to summer. Some of us will go back to class, while the rest of us prepare for autumn/winter coats or sweaters. But, we will all miss glorious summertimemonths of laying out in the grass and reading a book or eating lunch with friends, vacations with family, denim shorts, light floral dresses and our favorite pair of sunglasses. I love autumn fashion so I'll definitely welcome the new season as it comes, but I'll be sure to soak up the last bits of summer. This short film by ALDO is just perfect for waving au revior to the season.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Just My Cup of Tea

Organizing tea parties or an afternoon tea break with your friends or family... oh yes, there is now an app for that. How much more exciting can technology get! I love how fashion and tech is constantly coming together in new ways, so it's wonderful to see that my second love is also joining the tech world. Just My Cup of Tea is an app that allows you to create tea groups on your phone, to organize an in-person get-together. Each person can also have a description of how they like their tea (a dash of milk and one sugar for me). Perfect prep for any tea party. Check out images of the app below, and find out more on the UK Tea Council's Facebook page.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summer Sings to Autumn with Helen Rödel

One of my favorite designers, Helen Rödel showcased her SS '12 collection earlier this year, featuring a range of colors as she usually does. Since I believe in endless summers, I have gone through some of the runway images of the collection to find the best pieces to wear for autumn. Even though they may be woven to be light and airy for warmer weather, you can always layer underneath for a cozy feel. Because most of you can't hop over to Brazil for a private fitting, you can just admire her beautiful craftsmanship and gain inspiration.

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Designer of the Month: Athena Bentila, MuMu Organic

The popularity of sustainable fashion is big in the UK, picking up speed in the US, and on the agenda for many designers in other parts of the world. But, in Greece there are few fashion professionals working on the transition to the ethical initiatives that our world needs. Greek designer and owner of MuMu Organic, Athena Bentila is the first to make major strides for sustainable fashion in her country. I interviewed her to learn more about her line and the industry in Greece.

Krystle: How do you think the artistic influence of your cofounder inspires your designs?
Athena: As a designer, I am very much inspired by nature and by art. So, naturally his art does inspire me significantly.

Krystle: What is your favorite aspect of designing?
Athena: I mostly like to design dresses that are easy to wear, that are fresh and feminine, with simple lines, but adding some interesting details on them.

Krystle: Your dresses are so playful and feminine. What inspires that style?
Athena: As I said before, I get inspired by nature to design my dresses. And the woman is one of the most beautiful and delicate beings of nature.  My dresses are designed to highlight the beauty of a woman.

Krystle: How do you hope women will feel while wearing your dresses?
Athena: I hope they will feel special thinking that they are wearing a beautiful dress, but more importantly, an ethical dress. I hope they will feel proud of themselves for being able to contribute to the protection of the environment by choosing an Ethical MuMu organic dress.

Krystle: What is the sustainable fashion industry like in Greece? How does it feel being the first producer of women’s organic clothing?
Athena: MuMu organic is the only ethical label in Greece.  I feel proud to be the first designer living and working in Greece who designs clothes from organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. For me, it is important to do as much as possible to help to protect the environment and raise awareness for as many people as possible. Consumers must know that there are several ways we can protect ourselves and the planet, and buying organic clothing is one of them.
I hope that soon more designers in Greece will like to use eco-friendly fabrics and that more and more consumers will be familiar with the ethical clothing and the benefits they have to our skin and the planet.

Krystle: Do you think working with solely organic fabrics is more challenging than the more commonly used materials? Why/why not?
Athena: It is definitely more challenging to work only with organic fabrics as it is something new and innovative for my country. I strongly believe that ethical fashion is the future of fashion.

Krystle: What should we expect to see this autumn?
Athena: In this autumn’s collection MuMu organic designs are classy and stylish and combine organic cotton with luxurious silk fabrics.

Find a pretty dress of your own here:

Friday, 10 August 2012

Living Beautifully and Happily

I have spent the last few weeks preparing for my departure from London. I know, it's a sad thing. I'll miss the stylish people and fashion events, the talented musicians playing on streets around the city, and the overall energy of London. Although it is a great city, it has just never sit well with me. After two years, I have finally decided that living in a place that so many people can only wish to live, shouldn't be a major reason for staying there. It wasn't where I was meant to be. So, I've ventured back to the US and will be enjoying the sunshine and charming feminine style of the South. My love for fashion and a nice cup of tea will follow me wherever I go. I'll pick up where I left off, so keep reading my blog!

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