Saturday, 31 March 2012

Where to Find Love in London

Photo credit: google images

Living in a big city can be tough on your love life. Everyone is busy all the time, and people generally get married later in life to focus on their careers. Sometimes it can feel like you're never going to find someone to love, and love you back. I felt the same way when I first arrived. But, don't think that way! Here are a few places to find love in London besides on a night out (which usually doesn't result in love) or online:

  • Hobbies: This one is fairly simple. What do you like to do? Chances are, if you find a guy at a class, event, or other gathering space related to your hobbies, you might have a few things in common. I met my boyfriend when we worked for the same magazine. I wouldn't necessarily encourage an office romance because things can get complicated, but our love for writing brought us together, and it's something we share very passionately. Sign up for a weekend class or head over to an art gallery and wear a cute outfit. Don't be shy about striking up a conversation with a cute boy.
  • Networking event: Slightly similar to a hobby in the same sense that your interests are bringing you together, but in a different way. These events are generally tailored to professional interests, so when you make initial conversation with someone, don't sound too professional if you're interested in seeing the guy in a non-professional setting.
  • A friend of a friend of a friend: Perfect scenario. Someone can vouch for him as far as being normal, and you already have mutual friends to go out in a group with! Let your friends know that you wouldn't mind meeting some of their single friends, and be open to any suggestions.
  • The gym: There are hot guys at the gym. And if you workout often enough, you'll meet intelligent, hot guys there. If there's one that tickles your fancy visually, smile at him and let him come over and talk to you. One thing you should not do is dress too revealing while you workout. You don't have to wear a huge, baggy shirt, but look for a workout outfit that's form fitting and covers you. It's never good to attract attention because you're half naked. 
  • Walking around: It does not serve you well to wake up, go to work, come home and go to sleep. You need to be seen! Go out with one girlfriend during the day on the weekend or for lunch any day, look your cutest (not too sexy, so you're approachable) and just be confident and have fun! Beautiful men will come to you.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Fashion & Film: Alexander McQueen

Obscure Desires by Alexander McQueen: a stunning video from Selfridges of my favorite high fashion designer.

Felt Like Spring at the Antiform Collection Launch

Elderflower and white wine cocktails decorated with lime, pretty cakes sliced and organized on a plate, the sun shining through the windows, and sustainable fashion lining the walls... Here Today, Here Tomorrow created a pleasant atmosphere to view the spring/summer 2012 collection from eco-label Antiform. But, they disappointingly didn't highlight the collection well enough, as each piece was simply hanging from a rack on the side of the room. Although, if you were to go through each item, you'd see the beauty of some of the flowy skirts and quality of the carefully designed tops. The space of the studio was very limited, so it may have been difficult to showcase them properly. The positive side to that, though, is being able to pay attention to the other goodies in the room. I spoke with Julia Crew from Here Today, Here Tomorrow, who specializes in designing upcycled bags. She talked about her selection of materials she uses, including sourcing second hand leather from upholsters and manufacturers with unwanted materials. Her bags were very cute. One of her bags is pictured below, and if you'd like to see more of Julia's designs, check them out here. If you missed out on the Antiform launch, visit their website:

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Antiform SS12 Collection London Launch

Here Today, Here Tomorrow will be hosting the launch of Antiform's latest collection in London! The 20% discount and drinks during the event make it especially worth going.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Organic Chamomile, Fennel & Marshmallow Root Tea

Vodka cranberries all night Saturday, means the need for a relaxing cup of tea on Sunday. I had a teabag that was sitting in my room from one of the fashion week goodie bags, so I decided to try it today. The chamomile, fennel, and marshmallow root tea by pukka is 100% organically grown and contains fennel seed, licorice root, chamomile flower, gotu kola leaf, cardamom seed, ginger root, marshmallow root, and ashwagandha root. It's supposed to "calm and soothe" just like the chamomile tea I've tried before. It smells just like it, too. The tea tastes similar to the pure chamomile flower, but less natural and with a bit of syrupy sweetness that seems to slip right down the throat. It has a medium body, and full of flavor, but it's not my favorite. Brew a cup for five minutes, and see for yourself.

Black Light Party at Tony's Art Gallery

Babe and I went to the closing party of the "I do not expect to be a mother, but I do expect to die alone" art exhibit at Tony's Gallery in East London. The room was lit with black lights and the crocheted art was glowing. They had complimentary drinks downstairs, and the gin and tonic cocktails were illuminated by the special lighting. The artist Olek was there wearing a crazy crocheted dress and dark sunglasses, and I got the chance to speak with her. She usually lives in New York, but she said she crocheted her flat there, so she is semi-homeless! She was quite the character.

Artist, Olek

The next exhibition coming to the gallery will be from Spanish street artist PEZ.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Fashion & Film: Helen Rödel

This is a documentary style film, as opposed to the more artistic fashion films I post, but I do make exceptions, and my love for this designer is pretty evident. When I watched this intimate film about Helen Rödel and what inspires her, I fell even deeper. It's so beautifully shot, and even if you don't read the captions, it feels like the voice and images can tell her story in a language that you can understand. I love this quote from the video: "I have a pleasant soul. Something moves very strongly inside me when I am in a natural environment. It expands my living wills. But I don't deny the city. There is no way to give up that transit, and I believe my clothes intend to do so."

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Funky Art Exhibit in Shoreditch

I headed over to Rich Mix for a monthly event called Showcase Cities, which gives emerging artists the opportunity to display their work around the UK. Last night they were able to do so in a relaxed atmosphere full of live music, alcoholic drinks, and trendy people. Most of the art wasn't to my taste. I thought a lot of it was overpriced for work that I could essentially produce, and I am by no means an artist. But, there was one artist that I was very drawn to, which attracted many other admirers, as well. Giusi Tomasello creates art that is pleasing to the female eye, held in dramatic Baroque frames, and lightly sprinkled with glitter. My favorite is a mixed media piece featuring Jane Shrimpton covered in a headdress of butterflies and flowers. To her right and left are the profiles of identical women with dark hair and black lipstick. While speaking with the artist, I learned that she was hoping to portray a balance between good and evil, and making the right decisionsomething every woman has to go through, she said. The Polish/Italian artist also has a smaller work of her interpretation of black swans, and somewhat of a dark piece titled "deer hunter", as well as many other beautiful creations. The prices range from £95 to £720. 

The artist, Giusi Tomasello

Find out where she'll be next and more: 

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Vintage Fashion Fair's Gems

The Vintage Fashion Fair near Camden Town boasts a room full of classic clothesA-line cotton dresses with lace collars, big furry coats, and crop tops with matching bottoms. There were worn-in shoes, vintage handbags, and other antique accessories and trinkets. But, it wasn't as I imaginedthe layout being similar to that of a very unglamorous thrift store and the chances of finding a keeper on the clothing racks, quite slim. But, the gems of the fair were actually hidden on the jewelry tables. The most beautiful and attention grabbing were pieces collected over decades by a former English teacher and her partner from Birmingham. Sally from Sally's Jewellery has been collecting jewelry since age 11, gaining a gorgeous selection of pieces including an 1890s Victorian broach and cherry amber beads. I took a few pictures of my favorite pieces, which is just a small amount of what her entire stock consists of.  

You can find Sally's pretty vintage jewelry at fairs around Birmingham and London, or visit her site here:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dominic Jones Brings Luxury Gothic Jewelry to Life

London Show Rooms is heading to New York, so I browsed some of the designers on the British Fashion Council's website. The project's goal is to promote emerging British designers to the rest of the world. The popup show room has appeared in global fashion cities including Paris, Hong Kong, New York, and LA. While going through the designers, I spotted an elegant collection of photos, which I initially thought were for the clothing pictured. But, it was actually for the Gothic/Victorian jewelry on the ghost-white models. The visionary is Dominic Jones, an English designer whose current collection is inspired by "gothic cathedrals, abandoned Soviet sculptures and color." He describes his client as "someone with their own sense of style and a litle bit of punk in their heart."

Monday, 19 March 2012

Film Review: Bel Ami

My absolute favorite outfit in the film. (photo credit:

Gorgeous costumes and a late 19th century Paris setting is enough to catch my eye. Bel Ami dazzled me visually, while relaxing in the Everyman Cinema at Maida Vale over the weekend. Madeleine Forestier, played by Uma Thurman, wore the most gorgeous costumes of all: long, lace dresses structured with corsets, richly colored gowns, and a dramatic black dress with an intricate lace veil. But other than the visuals, the film was not the most impressive. It's about a young poor man, who rises to power and gains wealth by seducing influential women in Paris. He gets the opportunity to rub shoulders with high society after he runs into a former fellow soldier in the military. The man became rich since leaving where they were once stationed, and welcomes the main character, Georges, to his home for dinner. Not having any evening attire, the man gives him some money to be sure he looks presentable enough in front of his wife and friends. That's when Georges feels his first rush of empowerment, spending half of the money on a prostitute at the bar. From there, he manipulates and sleeps with women who are able to give him the wealth and power he craves, while working for the leading political newspaper. The plot seems quite typical and the main character isn't even that hot. The movie definitely could have offered a more complex story line. Films set during that period generally pique my interest, but sometimes the setting, outfits, and cast are so grand that they forget the plot must be fantastic, as well.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cranberry and Elderflower Tea

Marks and Spencer’s cranberry and elderflower tea was sitting alluringly on my counter top last week, so I finally decided to ask my flatmate if I could try some. The combination sounded pleasant, so I read the box and discovered that they also tossed raspberries into the teabags of caffeine free, natural ingredients. Once in my cup, the boiling water took on a rich, ruby color while brewing the tea. The smell rising from the cup was beautiful—a floral aroma, but much deeper than the usual light flowery scent of my teas and with a touch of sweetness. But, I was very disappointed when I finally took a sip. It tasted heavy, bitter, and perfume-like. A bit like an off tasting, watered down juice from a cheap grocery store. I indulged with my eyes and nose, but unfortunately couldn’t treat my taste buds to the same, as I had to poor the rest of the cup out. I don’t recommend it, but it’s always best to try things out for yourself! I'll also be trying out some of their other flavors soon.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Helen Rödel Runway

I don't usually post catwalk shows, but I love this so much, I just had to share. Helen Rödel is amazingly talented. This is her Estudos MMXI collection. All of these items need to be in my closet.

Helen Rödel - Passarela Estudos MMXI from Helen Rödel on Vimeo.

I ♥ Helen Rödel

Helen is a Brazilian designer who creates colorful hand knitted and crocheted pieces, that both excite me and make me want to cry because I don't have every single dress she's ever made. Looove.

All images are of her Editorial Estudos MMXI collection, and can be viewed on her website:
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