Thursday, 22 March 2012

Funky Art Exhibit in Shoreditch

I headed over to Rich Mix for a monthly event called Showcase Cities, which gives emerging artists the opportunity to display their work around the UK. Last night they were able to do so in a relaxed atmosphere full of live music, alcoholic drinks, and trendy people. Most of the art wasn't to my taste. I thought a lot of it was overpriced for work that I could essentially produce, and I am by no means an artist. But, there was one artist that I was very drawn to, which attracted many other admirers, as well. Giusi Tomasello creates art that is pleasing to the female eye, held in dramatic Baroque frames, and lightly sprinkled with glitter. My favorite is a mixed media piece featuring Jane Shrimpton covered in a headdress of butterflies and flowers. To her right and left are the profiles of identical women with dark hair and black lipstick. While speaking with the artist, I learned that she was hoping to portray a balance between good and evil, and making the right decisionsomething every woman has to go through, she said. The Polish/Italian artist also has a smaller work of her interpretation of black swans, and somewhat of a dark piece titled "deer hunter", as well as many other beautiful creations. The prices range from £95 to £720. 

The artist, Giusi Tomasello

Find out where she'll be next and more: 

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