Saturday, 3 March 2012

Art Exhibit: "I do not expect to be a mother, but I do expect to die alone"

I came across an eye-catching art exhibition near my flat. Through the large window at Tony's Gallery on Sclater Street, is a room covered entirely in crocheted yarn. Floor, ceiling, walls, bed, and every item in the room was crocheted by Polish-born, New York-based artist Olek. She spent six months living in the room, crocheting text messages from her former lovers into the pieces, exploring the concepts of sexist opinions, privacy, technology, and communication. I took my shoes off and walked onto the yarn floor, examining every aspect of the room. I love women who explore sexuality and concepts around sex and feminism, and create art from it. Some of the texts include: "I need ur pussy on my face and my tongue in ur ass", "I want 2 b on top of u right now", and "Sweet sweet cock?" on the walls. And, "I do not expect to be a mother" on the bed. I would definitely suggest going to see the installation before it ends on March 23rd. It looks much better in person.

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