Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sencha Cranberry Rose Tea

This tea is perfect for the morning, right before you leave for work. It has sencha green tea leaves, which are originally from Japan, and provides caffeine to keep you going and antioxidants to make you glow. The cranberry adds a bit of sweetness. I've mentioned rose tea before, as I've been in search of it here in London. I bought my first bag of it when I was in Malaysia last year. The tea lady told me it helps regulate blood-flow (also helps during periods!) and keeps you looking young. Although the sencha cranberry rose tea has rose buds in it, they don't appear to be as fresh as the ones I've had. Some of the goodness may disappear as the petals become dry, but I'm not sure. The tea is fantastic, anyway. I also bought a tea filter that drops into the cup, sort of like a tea bag. It's definitely ideal if you enjoy drinking loose tea, and the leaves blossom beautifully when they're done brewing.

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