Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cranberry and Elderflower Tea

Marks and Spencer’s cranberry and elderflower tea was sitting alluringly on my counter top last week, so I finally decided to ask my flatmate if I could try some. The combination sounded pleasant, so I read the box and discovered that they also tossed raspberries into the teabags of caffeine free, natural ingredients. Once in my cup, the boiling water took on a rich, ruby color while brewing the tea. The smell rising from the cup was beautiful—a floral aroma, but much deeper than the usual light flowery scent of my teas and with a touch of sweetness. But, I was very disappointed when I finally took a sip. It tasted heavy, bitter, and perfume-like. A bit like an off tasting, watered down juice from a cheap grocery store. I indulged with my eyes and nose, but unfortunately couldn’t treat my taste buds to the same, as I had to poor the rest of the cup out. I don’t recommend it, but it’s always best to try things out for yourself! I'll also be trying out some of their other flavors soon.

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