Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spa & Depart

Day 4: March 10
The bf and I woke up thinking of the things we needed to do before departing Marrakech. We had our last Moroccan breakfast before going out to the pool to relax. After the sun left us sleepy, we headed back to the room for a nap. I was slightly restless at first, already thinking about all of the things I needed to do when I would be back in London. I hate when my mind is so active, but my body is tired. I eventually fell asleep tucked between the arms of my boyfriend and underneath a cosy blanket. Noon came, and we woke up just in time to pack and meet our late checkout time. We got into a brief argument about the weight of our suitcase, but I shushed him for being grumpy. 

We made our way to the baggage office to hold our luggage while we walked excitedly to the spa. I was anticipating the experience would be great enough to make our list of highlights from the vacation. We were scheduled for a hammam, body scrub, and massage, all in the same room. I went into the changing room labelled “Femmes” and watched babe walk into the men’s changing room opposite. I asked one of the women, what I should take off and leave on, but the difference in language left me with a uncertain conclusion again. I striped down to just my bra and panties and locked up my clothes and purse. I met my boyfriend in the hall way and we were led to a large shower room. It was the hammam we were entering, and we were sprayed down after sitting on a heated bench with individual mats to protect our butts. The women left us to detox in the room and later came to rub stuff on us, but I still have no idea what it was made of. It was brown and gooey, and rubbed on like soap. Relaxing in the room with the substance soaking in, I attempted to teach babe how to meditate. I used to take guided classes, and in my mind I’m quite the guru. After about 20 more minutes, we were led out to have our bodies scrubbed, while lying on a large, smooth block. I was finally asked to take my bra off, which felt liberating. They used a coarse mitt to polish our skin, and free it of dead cells. We finally ended up in the massage room, where two comfy tables were aligned side by side. My bf and I took our designated spots and, the women turned down the lights and rubbed oil on our bodies. It was certainly relaxing and the music was beautiful, but it felt more like a body rub than a massage. I like my massages to be stronger and relieve me of stress. Afterwards, we got up and dressed and went back out to the pool for lunch and lounging before we had to leave. 

When the time came we picked up our bag and jumped in the taxi, before saying goodbye to the city. We had the same cross-eyed, friendly taxi driver that picked us up the first day, so it was fitting for him to see us off. On the three and a half hour flight home, our cocktails helped us unwind after hectically boarding a full easyjet plane. We touched down in London right before midnight. It felt good to be back. 

These are some of the pics I took of the pool under the early morning sun.

Where we had our relaxing spa time. The hammam was gorgeous inside.

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