Thursday, 16 August 2012

Summer Sings to Autumn with Helen Rödel

One of my favorite designers, Helen Rödel showcased her SS '12 collection earlier this year, featuring a range of colors as she usually does. Since I believe in endless summers, I have gone through some of the runway images of the collection to find the best pieces to wear for autumn. Even though they may be woven to be light and airy for warmer weather, you can always layer underneath for a cozy feel. Because most of you can't hop over to Brazil for a private fitting, you can just admire her beautiful craftsmanship and gain inspiration.

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  1. oh my god. i can't believe i've never heard of this designer before. these pieces are simply stunning. i especially like the rainbow dress in the second picture, but really all of the looks are amazing. i adore the bright colors, geometric details, and knit texture. these are such great inspiration photos, and i'm definitely going to have to google helen rodel now. thanks for introducing me to a new designer and for your lovely post. i'll definitely be checking back into your blog to look for new posts.

    1. Isn't she incredible! I have a few other posts on Helen Rodel if you search for her name on my blog. And, thanks for the love!


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