Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sporty Girl Series

The Olympics are coming! Although I'm not looking forward to "an expected 1 million visitors" in London everyday causing major crowding, I must say it is all getting pretty exciting over here. The Olympic rings are hanging from Tower Bridge and the athletes are arriving. I'll also be going to an Olympic-themed bloggers event where I'll be competing (playfully) against fellow writers! To get into the spirit of the Olympic 2012 games, I'm putting together a sporty girl series to combine femininity and athletics for the sports-crazed season. You can get creative, and assemble outfits mixing in mesh, stripes, or drawstrings before you're off to watch your favorite sporting event... whether you have a ticket or just watching at home.

Sporty Girl


  1. Not sure I could get on the sport look, love that top though... x

    Carousel Secrets

    1. Cute, huh? It's fun to play with different styles.


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