Monday, 23 July 2012

A Taste of Summer: Lemongrass Strawberry Tea

The sun is finally out in London! I found another great summer tea that will go perfectly with this lovely weather, served either hot or cold. I bought Lemongrass Strawberry tea from The Tea House in London's Covent Garden. It is an herbal blend with lemongrass, strawberry, lemon, apple and pineapple pieces, and marigold petals. Even the combination of flavors sounds summery. I unrolled the top of the bag to release the blend's incredible smell. The lemon pieces and lemongrass were the strongest scents before brewing. 

I brewed the tea for 4 minutes, allowing the flakes to bloom inside my strainer. The strawberry and lemon scents came out even more after brewing, with just a little hint of the sweetness of pineapple. I could have sat at my table breathing in the tea for ages, it smelled so beautiful. The taste of my cup of tea was different than I imagined. I expected it to be more earthy and sweet, but it tasted more like a strawberry-lemon flavored drink with the strawberry dominating the taste buds. As I drank more, I also noticed a bit of natural apple juice flavor in the tea. It was incredibly delicious. I could have a cup of this tea every summer morning. 

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  1. wow..your blog is so cute..I love tea.. This is so cute and I will definitely try it:)




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