Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How to Dress Up for Harsh Summer Weather

Summer weather seems to be getting the best of many of us around the worldheat waves in the US, and never ending rain with chilly nights in the UK. But, it doesn't have to mean a sacrifice of style! 

For cold/rain: This type of weather can be tricky during the summer. The temperature might sit just between warm and cool during the day and into the evening, but dips to a much lower temperature just as you're getting ready to walk from one bar to the next. And if you're in a city like London, it can rain at any given time. It's best to stick with thicker materials, like the wool skirt below. Because it is open and flares, the humidity won't make you feel uncomfortable in the fabric, and the wool can keep you a bit more warm. A light jacket can be worn over a short sleeve or tank top for varying temps. If it might rain, never leave your house without a little umbrella that'll fit in your purse. Suede shoes are my favorite, which doesn't hold up well in the rain but the black ones below can mask any damage (just don't wear your most expensive pair).

For extreme heat: I'm from Arizona, so I'm no stranger to unbearably hot weather. During the summer, the low temperatures there are generally hotter than the high temperatures in London. It can be tempting to wear very little, but the outfit below is a great way to dress up a bit more revealing ensemble. A bustier top and flowy, light fabric will keep you cool. The heels I picked out are beautiful with the skirt and top, but if you want your feet to breathe, you can opt for a pretty pair of sandals.

Dressing for Harsh Summer Weather

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