Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Beach in a Cup: Piña Colada Tea

Oh, sweet summertime. I miss it so much, and it's supposed to be here now! But, London weather is far too unpredictable to truly embrace the season. I decided to go out and buy a couple of new teas to, at least, bring a bit of summer into my kitchen. I tried a sencha piña colada flavored green tea from The Tea House in Covent Garden. It has pineapple chunks and flavoring mixed in with the green tea in order to create the taste of a tropical drink in a healthy form. 

The loose tea smells quite a bit how a piña colada tastes, and when it's brewed for 2-3 minutes, the aroma comes out even more. The green tea also blossoms beautifully in the strainer with the contrasting flecks of yellow. The cup of tea smells sweet and fruity, but just has a subtle taste of pineapple. It's really light and delicious, and has a great rich, pineapple color. It's great for summer, but doesn't beat a piña colada on the beach!


  1. So gorgeous! I saw some quirky flavours in Whitards - will most definitely invest :)

  2. Thank you! Yes, it's definitely worth trying ;)

  3. Hey lovely lady,
    Thank you so much for submitting your details so that I could add you to my UK blogger map. Would you mind giving me a mention or a link back to help spread the word and collect all amazing UK bloggers in one place? :)


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