Monday, 27 February 2012

LOL! Oh my gosh, I love this!

I have big boobs. For every other girl who does, you'll love this video.

"Hey babe, I think I want to get a reduction..... why are you crying?" Lol, so funny.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ecoluxe London

I tend to have favorites at these trade shows. Some designers create such irresistable pieces. At the intimate ethical fashion showroom for Ecoluxe, it was Gracia Woman that caught my eye. The luxury brand very was successful at the show, attracting the interests of UK and international press and buyers. The Spanish label displayed a rack of rich, dark denim in both trousers and skirts, handmade espadrilles with recycled material, and tailored coats for both work and play. Some of the coats were even lined with cactus filaments, which excited the desert girl in me. Gracia Woman has so many ethical elements to its production, which makes wearing the clothes feel even better. Their items are made in the UK, with organic material, and supporting small communities. Plus, the thick Scottish tweed will keep you nice and cosy, and the ribbons laced through the espadrilles will make your tootsies pretty.

This is just a glimpse...find more collections on their website:

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Good Fashion Show

Spread out across the beautiful buildings of the London House at Goodenough College, The Good Fashion Show lit up in its first year as an ethical fashion event for buyers, press, and the public. The off schedule London Fashion Week event featured the talents of emerging and established designers, along with vintage sellers at a day-long exhibition yesterday. There was a diverse range of exhibitors, including handmade, knitted winter wear, truly vintage teacups, luxury label z-mode debuting their black and white collection, hand-crafted Ghanaian accessories, and breathtaking gowns and structured jackets, inspired by the Victorian era. The beautiful gowns were my favorite! The dress that caught my eye was a long, flowing gown made out of upcycled curtains (over on the right). The designer also had a top on show with velvet down to the midsection, then wrapped with a rehab corset (like a back brace) and shredded wash cloths that he found at a car wash, dangling on the bottom. A structured jacket was made out of a potato sack, and tied with fisherman string. They were created by a young designer, who grew up in a Turkish village, and learned how to literally make the best with what he had around him.  

 Daytime photos:

Designer Tuncer Tonun with potato sack jacket

Designer Tuncer Tonun with upcycled gown

Vintage teaware alongside other exhibitors

Vintage cute!

The evening show dazzled ethical fashion lovers, but more so in terms of performance than as a fashion show. It was held in a grand regal room, with red velvet curtains and wooden chairs lined in the shape of a U, around the catwalk. I attended the champagne reception for press, which was pretty nice. Once everyone was seated, the catwalk show opened with soulful singer and pianist, Omar, who has worked with Erykah Badu and Stevie Wonder. Music was a big part of the show, but not like a typical catwalk show play booming, provocative music, but there was a live indie band that played throughout. Some of the first looks to hit the runway were both simple and obscure, and the main highlight of the bunch was a short black dress with long lace, exposing the model's butt cheeks. After seeing an incredible contortionist and other performances during catwalk breaks, and more ethical looks that weren't entirely impressive, it was the finale of feathery skirts and dresses over tutus, the gowns of my favorite designer, and a gorgeous bubble wrap dress that made the show! 

Evening photos:

This was the back of a girl's sweater at the show. My black & white dress is in the reflection :)

The contortionist! Amazing!

Bubble wrap dress. Incredible, I know.

Pretty, pretty

Bedtime tea: chamomile flowers

A good cup of warm tea before bed should definitely be a part of your "getting ready for bed" routine (caffeine free, of course). I tried another Teapigs pouch, and this one was filled with whole chamomile flowers from Croatia. The calming and soothing effects make the tea perfect for helping you sleep, especially after a long hectic day. I used to drink rose tea with my mom before we went to bed, which was so, so lovely, but I haven't managed to find anywhere in London that has it, yet. I haven't really looked thoroughly enough, though. But, this tea is beautiful as well. I brewed it for a bit over three minutes, and ended up with a golden cup of tea with a very nature-like aroma. If you're new to tea drinking or usually just stick to regular teabags, this tea might taste very different. It has somewhat of a wheat or grass scent that leads your tongue to almost taste the smell. I know that doesn't sound very appetizing, but it certainly makes you feel like you're sipping a bit of nature, and it tastes good, too! Sweet dreams.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Darling Love

I had the assignment of covering Pure, the largest womenswear trade show in the UK. It was my first time going, and I was super excited. I've heard stories of its massiveness, but seeing it in person is like walking into the hugest department store imaginable, without having to walk through a men's or children's section at any point. The carpeted aisles led to various sections, like spirit young fashion, premium fashion, and general womenswear. The staircases led to shoes and accessories. But, I found my absolute favorite exhibitor on the first floor. Darling is only four years old and was created by a London based designer with a love for English vintage looks. The name fits them perfectly, as the brand has gorgeous feminine clothing and accessories displayed against a chic, slightly vintage, yet modern background. I looove.

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