Saturday, 4 February 2012

Front Row at London College of Fashion Catwalk Show

Beatrice Newman
Such a great night last night! I went to the MA Fashion Design Technology catwalk show at the gorgeous Victoria and Albert Museum. Since it was our first invitation-only fashion event, my coworker and I were eager to push through the crowd at the registration table. When we finally got up to the front, we realized that even though our names were on the list, we weren't registered as press! The lady handed us a card with a drawn-on triangle and let us know they were seating in sections, so we had to stand in a little area behind the desk. Umm... at this point we couldn't tell if we were at all considered important or not. We looked around and saw people with numbers instead of shapes on their little cards, plus an extra yellow card. After talking to a fellow writer who held the two different pieces of paper, we discovered her night was going to include much better seats than us and an after party. Ugh. Wonderful. After being shoved through the doors, we learned our triangles meant we'd be standing behind the seated people. But, I ran into one of my friends who was working at the event!! Amazing! She said, "Oh, don't worry about a seat, I'll find you two." She grabbed us and took us to the front row. We had a fantastic view of some very dramatic pieces. The show started out with dark suits splashed with bright bursts of color. Throughout the show, there was beautifully beaded, sexy pieces, structured dresses with protruding leather cages, simple, classic flows of fabric, glittering dresses, Gothic hooded menswear, and blood-stained plaids.

Charlotte Simpson

Tina Elisabeth Reiter (Menswear Award Winner)

Arena Page

Ming Pin Tien (My fave!)

Ming Pin Tien

Tsz Fung Kwok

Byung Mun Seo

The show lasted a couple of hours, and afterwards, my friend was also able to get us wristbands to the after party! She's incredible. We braved the cold and walked over to the venue, and they didn't even check wristbands at the door. We were greeted with a glass of wine and various flavors of vodka to choose from. The party was more of a dinner party, really, with tables of delicious food... not the craziness we expected. But, still fantastic nonetheless.

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