Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ecoluxe London

I tend to have favorites at these trade shows. Some designers create such irresistable pieces. At the intimate ethical fashion showroom for Ecoluxe, it was Gracia Woman that caught my eye. The luxury brand very was successful at the show, attracting the interests of UK and international press and buyers. The Spanish label displayed a rack of rich, dark denim in both trousers and skirts, handmade espadrilles with recycled material, and tailored coats for both work and play. Some of the coats were even lined with cactus filaments, which excited the desert girl in me. Gracia Woman has so many ethical elements to its production, which makes wearing the clothes feel even better. Their items are made in the UK, with organic material, and supporting small communities. Plus, the thick Scottish tweed will keep you nice and cosy, and the ribbons laced through the espadrilles will make your tootsies pretty.

This is just a glimpse...find more collections on their website: http://www.graciawoman.com/

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