Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Style Observations

Photo: Google images

My friend and I spent a lot of time people watching in the surprisingly stylish city of Seville. This is what we discovered:

Everyone wears tights. Sometimes with pants. Not just tights under a skirt or shorts to keep warm (which at 77F/25C, just isn't necessary), but we saw them under jeans, khakis, and spandex! The moments we were hot and sweaty in our dresses, we were just baffled by the idea of wearing tights in addition. But, I think it's more of a traditional, ladylike thing for them, which is understandable.

Few people have individual style. The people were certainly stylish, don't get me wrong. But, most people wore what everyone else was wearing. Spring colors, the same suede heels, but in different colors. I think the most stylish girl we saw walking around on Monday was wearing an aqua colored dress with a large print and a deep blue sequence sweater. She was 12 years old.

Incredibly dapper men. Men were dressed in suits, slacks and a nice sweater, or jeans and a smart shirt just about everywhere. We decided that they dress better than the women.

Children are very stylish. Were you ever dressed in an absolutely embarrassing outfit when you were little? Well, that would've never happened if you grew up in Seville. Parents just love to dress their children to the nines. We guessed that it might be a sign of wealth or class, because some kids just didn't make the cut. Poor things.

Espadrille wedges. These were the it shoes at the fair. Rightly so, as they originate in Spain, are very comfortable, and come in a million different colors. We also saw quite a few cute ones walking around in the city.

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