Saturday, 7 April 2012

My First Formal Afternoon Tea

I've been in London for a year and a half, and I finally had the opportunity to experience formal afternoon tea just a couple of days ago. I was so, so excited! Afternoon tea is an English tradition, consisting of a small meal between 2pm and 5pm, to fill a gap between larger meals. My bff and I went to Hempel Hotel in Bayswater to enjoy personal tea pots full of aromatic leaf tea and delicious sandwiches and pastries. Our teas were incredible. I ordered organic jasmine pearls, and my friend had the silver needle tea. The fragrance of mine was light and flowery, matching the taste of the first cup. But, the second and third cups had a strong, sharp taste, and were naturally darker in color. My friend's tea had more of a regular, plain tea taste in the first cup, but after brewing longer, the white tea tasted slightly sweeter and fruity. The variety of sandwiches included smoked salmon and cucumber (my fave), ham and cheese, and egg with watercress. I also indulged quite happily in the scones and clotted cream. I wish I could have afternoon tea everyday! Seriously. Everyday.


  1. Oh wow! While I was reading you text, I was trying to fell what you felt! And I think I also with an afternoon tea everyday! hahahah wow

    Happy Easter,
    Cri. (

  2. Aww, haha :) Yes, it was a lovely experience!

    Happy Easter to you, too!


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