Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hola Barcelona!

Day 1: April 18
I've been day dreaming about my trip to Spain all month... so excited to be meeting up with my friend, Bella from California to go on her dream vacation. I arrived at the Barcelona airport around 8:45pm, amazed at how quiet it was, and my ability to breeze through security. The calmness of the city continued as I reached the center of town after a short bus journey. I had no idea where my hostel was, but my friend arrived earlier in the day and sent me a message, saying it was just blocks away. After a couple of people unsuccessfully attempted to direct me, I met an old man, probably about 70 years old, who I could just barely communicate with. He was kind enough to walk me all the way to the door step of my hostel and even offered me a piece of chocolate. When I finally got up to the room, after a very friendly welcome from everyone I passed in the hostel, I was over the moon to see my friend who I hadn't seen in about four years. We hugged and cried, and she told me of her similar experience of an old man walking her to the hostel, and we laughed. It felt so great.

Bella and I headed downstairs in search of food and drink. We managed to find free paella in the kitchen, and get a nearly free pitcher and a half of sangria at the bar. The bartender also threw in shots at midnight before we waved goodbye, as it became the start of Bella's birthday. We were off to the W hotel, where we went high up to the bar for cocktails and a gorgeous view of Barcelona.

Outside W

View from the top, with interesting reflection from the bar's lighting

The beach below

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  1. Barcelona is a lovely city, I went there to do some spanish in Barcelona at a school called bcnlanguages and I had a blast :) I learned a lot and I met new friends, such a great experience!



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