Monday, 5 November 2012

7 Teacups Worth Collecting

Teacups don't need to be used just to drink out of. The delicate figure has been recreated into various functional and decorative pieces by artists and crafters. I browsed through a creative community to find some of the most unconventional uses for teacups. Oh, and a bonus one that you can actually drink from, which I added to the list just because I love it.

1. Fabric Teacup from Atelier Usagi's Quilt

This soft cup is made only for display or to stash candy and trinkets. I think it would be great for a kids room. Its sister cup was selected as one of the winners of a Martha Stewart crafter's contest (but I like the brown one more).

2. Teacup Night Light from Jeremy's Workshop

If you touch the spoon on the saucer, the teacup glows! You'll probably want this adorable little touch lamp for your room to keep you from total darkness, instead of giving it to your niece or sister... I definitely do!

3. Vintage Teacup Lamp from Capitulum Vii

Oh, I just love the rose on this lamp. The look of the cup plus the twisted rope create the perfect addition to a shabby chic room.

4. Lace Teacup from Glusk Designs

Terribly practical and beautifully delicate, I love that this doily can hold jewelry and trinkets in a way that they won't get lost or buried. And, it's such a creative take on a traditional teacup.

5. Teacup Birdfeeder from Gogo Garden

A tea party for birds!

6. Garden View Teacup and Saucer from Jessibel Designs

This teacup would be too gorgeous for me to add anything to it, if I were its owner. Although, you can keep jewelry or candy in the cup, which is wrapped in recycled text paper and hand painted.

7. Pint of Tea Mug from Mr. Teacup

This is for a serious tea drinker! I adore this teacup/mug. 

All images from Etsy

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