Thursday, 12 January 2012

Starting Fresh

I made a massive decision to move back to London, which took me five months of daily contemplation. Should I stay in the US and find a cute mid-sized city to begin my relaxed life with a normal job? Or should I move back to London and continue my career in fashion, find an adorable flat in an artsy area, and head to fashion shows, PR events, and weekends away in Europe? Well, the answer seems pretty clear, I know. But, I’m weird. I prefer towns to cities, and picking flowers to going clubbing. You only live once, though, right?! I want to live outside of my safe, comfort zone and dive into life for sometime. After living in this amazing city for a year, struggling with managing a social life/work/master’s program, and going back to the US for four months, I’m back and ready to dance wildly to techno music, take a trip to Paris on a whim, get swept away by theater and art, and play with my British boyfriend. I’ll start my career in fashion writing, while blogging about my nightly and weekend escapades in fashion and life in London. I’m also in love with tea now, too, fyi. England does that to you.

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