Saturday, 28 January 2012

A Pretty Fe/Male Model


The Jean-Paul Gaultier's runway tribute to Amy Winehouse featured models with black beehive hair, 50s inspired couture, and winged eyeliner. Some girls even had a cigarette in hand! While the show was inevitably controversial, especially with Winehouse's dad speaking out, I couldn't help but focus on the androgynous male model who was on the Paris catwalk. I've heard of him briefly before, but had yet to see him all dolled up. I went through all of the pictures in an article I read, and it wasn't until I got to the comments section where someone mentioned that the "dude" was the most feminine looking that I realized he was one of the models! Andrej Pejic is an incredible model. He definitely looks more beautiful and striking than some women who have graced the same catwalks. When I looked him up, I saw that everyone is just as wild about him as I am. There's plenty to look up if you're interested.


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