Sunday, 24 June 2012

Simple DIY Travel Tip: Jewelry Container

Finding a secure container for jewelry when you're packing to travel can be a bit of a pain. I usually use the old little boxes that my Guess watches come in, but after a while they don't shut as tightly. So, when I realized my body butter was running out, I decided that the jar would be perfect for my jewelry! These are the simple steps to create a new travel companion:

Step 1: Don't toss out your body butter jar when it's nearing the end!

Step 2: Wash it out with liquid soap. It's best to let it soak overnight to get the scent out, but if you don't have time, a few hours should be okay.

Step 3: Dry it out. There could be some body butter build up where the top screws on, so be sure to dig that out with a cotton swab.

Step 4: Put your lovely jewelry or hair clips in.

Step 5: Seal, and you're ready to go!


  1. so creative, I'm going to try this!

  2. I totally do this! You can put the Body Shop ones in the dishwasher as well which makes them squeaky clean! x


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