Monday, 7 May 2012

Spending Rainy Nights in with Your Guy

April showers are going on far too long in London. Although my boyfriend and I have been going out some nights, there have been others when we've looked out the window and waved our white flag. More rain is forecasted this week, so we've both thought of ideas on how to spend rainy nights indoors.

  • Video games: I grew up with two older brothers, so I'm used to sitting in front of the TV, watching boys play their games. But, it's so fun to join in and play a two-player video or computer game with your boy. I prefer car racing games because those are usually the only ones I ever have a chance at winning. Bowling on Wii is also lots of fun.
  • Cook together: It's so easy to eat out in London, especially if you've both had a long day at work or it's the weekend. Instead of going out, look up a recipe neither of you have ever cooked and try something new together.
  • Have a cocktail party for two: A lot of people have a book full of cocktail recipes they've received as a gift that is just accumulating dust on a bookshelf. Break it open and experiment with different cocktails. Or, you can look some up online. Get a little tipsy and proceed with the next tip.
  • Listen to old music: I love playing music I used to listen to when I was like 13 (oh yes... B*Witched) with my friends. But, it's a great thing to do with your boy, too! You guys will be laughing for hours, and it's so much fun to reminisce.

Feel free to share any ideas you have, too!

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